Getting to 'Why' Is The Answer to Finding Your Insights


ThoughtLight™ Functionality

A Simple Way to Gather Insights

True Sentiments

Gain meaningful insights by giving users the ability to share their thoughts using video, photo, audio, and text.

Location Capture

Gather data based on positioning of users when engaging in the activities. This feature is permission-based.

No Boundaries

Users can be engaged in activities even in locations where there is low signal strength or no data connectivity.

Valued Support

We are your support partner and help you manage user registrations, activity execution, and data delivery.

Solution For Every Research Need


Hear the thoughts and sentiments of the consumer right in the moment they are exposed to over a hundred visual stimuli in their natural environment.


Observe struggles and frustrations patients have to cope with or get a detailed perspective of a doctor’s career and setting when treating patients.


Gather a holistic view of a business professional and experience their job or workplace across various work environments.


Go into a journey of the educational world and discover how students go through every aspect of their preparation for a successful and meaningful career.

How would YOU use ThoughtLight™?

Shop Alongs
Shop Alongs - Modernizing An Outdated Coffee Packaging
Patient Journeys
Patient Journeys - Understanding The Effects of Eczema in Patients
Location-Based - Compliance Evaluation at Full-Service Gas Stations
Business to Business
Business-to-Business - Analyzing Sales in Plastic Manufacturing Materials

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